“We are sure that our app can be a good dating app for everyone, so we can help you meet your soulmate! Find your soulmate right now!”

Albertus — Founder

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Keep Improving
and be the best dating app.
Continue to improvise in order to create the perfect dating application for you.
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Best in Information
We provide the best information for you, and will continue to develop our application to be the best app so that you can search for your soulmate criteria in more detail and specific.
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Very easy to use to find your soulmate.
How our apps work like magic ? — 0:30 min.
Find your soulmate easily
User friendly
and free

BittyBe is a place for singles to find, get friends and even their soul mates. In the future, we will continue to improve so that BittyBe can also become a positive community for everyone.

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